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Natural, plant-based skincare-luxuriously fresh & nourishing. My items are African based & include African herbs, African essential oils & African butters WITH additional natural ingredients to protect your skin/hair from the elements, hydrate ALL layers of the skin, maintain water balance, PLUS replace oils stripped away from daily cleansing/shampooing.

I use HIGH QUALITY, FAIR TRADE ingredients, adding NUMEROUS EXOTIC butters, oils, RARE african essential oils & vitamin E to ensure the BEST RESULTS! I was trained African Synergy, which is when items work better together than they EVER could apart! This is why you found the *FIRST* MULTIPLE BUTTER recipes here. I was first to bring this concept to ECRATER & this just proves my drive, passion & determination. You will NOT go wrong here! I believe in bringing my clients the BEST quality ingredients, NEWEST skin/hair ingredients, SAFEST recipes....FIRST! The connections that I have in Africa benefits YOU! 'OMA GRADE "A" PREMIUM SHEA BUTTER available ONLY here! The newest butters....get it here FIRST! Recipes with UNHEARD of amounts of nurturing oils...GET IT HERE FIRST!


Afro*Scent*Ric Bath and Body Haven is an organization that believes in NATURAL, ORGANIC, FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED ingredients to achieve HEALTHY skin/hair!


I HAD severely dry skin & hair, so I was always seeking quality products, without spending alot of money. I found that most of the items contained MOSTLY WATER, EXTRACTS or INFUSIONS, which is NOTHING but W-A-T-E-R spelled differently. They do NOTHING but DRY your skin/hair out! They are added so that the merchant can use LESS active ingredients(usually less SHEA BUTTER) in his/her recipes. The added water, extract or infusion S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S the recipe, it also DILUTES the recipe....ever added too much water to your tea....didn't taste right did it??? What did it taste like?? Did it taste...WEAK??? Well, this is what these WATER ADDITIVES do to the recipe...they LESSEN your BENEFITS! Plus the HAIR/SKIN DRYING PRESERVATIVES & HAIR/SKIN IRRITATING ADDITIVES only make your issue worse.

Spending time in Africa, learning the fundamentals of Shea Butter, how to maintain it, stir it, mix it, enhance it and layer upon it, I was taught alot of "secrets" which I shared w/ family & friends. My friends and family started talking to me about marketing my products, since they were doing so well with them. I thought about it and decided that I TRULY enjoyed making my products and that I had an OBLIGATION to share my "secrets" with others to HELP them with their hair/skin problems too. Many people have severe symptoms and deal with them everyday, just like I did and many do not know how to treat these symptoms, other than going to their neighborhood drug stores and picking up TOXIN filled, PRESERVATIVE filled, WATER filled EXPENSIVE creams/lotions, shampoos/conditioners, not knowing that these corporations do not offer them a SOLUTION, just a TEMPORARY FIX, to ensure they come back for more!

I offer the BEST QUALITY ingredients, with the INTENT of TREATING/STOPPING your hair/skin issues. I do not want you to be SATISFIED w/ a "QUICK FIX," I want you to be TRULY SATISFIED w/ my products ending your aggravation!

Egyptians/Africans used these same herbs, essential oils, butters and techniques years ago, they still do in some areas. They have the most beautiful skin/hair around, just from using NATURAL ingredients. I believe God equipped us with all of the natural ingredients we need to take care of our hair and skin without the "worries" of what the TOXIC ingredients & added PRESERVATIVES will do to our body years down the line!


Let NATURE envelop your skin & hair with her phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!! Let her soothe your skin, strengthen your hair, clear your mind and lift your spirits...quite NATURALLY of course!!

**I do not use SKIN DRYING preservatives or SKIN IRRITATING additives to my recipes, so I ask that you use my products within 2 months...refrigerating could prolong use. MAKE SURE NO WATER/MOISTURE gets into the packaging..this allows bacteria to grow!**

***Children have sensitive skin, the only essential oils safe to use on children's skin is lavender, tea tree oil & chamomile!***

***Products containing essential oil & herbs should NOT be used by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding without consulting their healthcare provider!***

***Individuals suffering from chronic or acute health conditions should contact their healthcare provider BEFORE using products containing essential oils or herbs! It is IMPORTANT to know that some essential oils are DEADLY to those: pregnant, breast-feeding, who have high blood pressure, diabetes, taking anti-depressants or taking water pills...BE CAUTIOUS-NOT EVERYONE RESEARCHES THEIR INGREDIENTS!!***

***People with sensitive skin should FIRST do a SKIN PATCH TEST(test in an inconspicuous place on your body, cover & check the next day for any signs of allergic reaction) to determine if they are allergic to products containing essential oils or herbs. Many people dont have the knowledge that they are allergic, because they are new to using these essential oils/butters/carrier oils, please check!!***

***If irritation occurs, please discontinue use of product IMMEDIATELY and consult your healthcare provider.***

I offer "complete guilt-free pampering" here. When you purchase something from Afroscentric, you are benefiting yourselves and villages in Africa. I only use FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED ingredients in my recipes. Every purchase containing Shea Butter helps Artisans & farmers in Africa!!

Customer service is a big topic here, we are also customers, so we understand the importance of SUPERB customer service, so there will be NO PROBLEM receiving it HERE! I believe that if you patronize MY business, you should be TRULY SATISFIED with your purchase.

PLEASE feel free to email me & ask me questions regarding my products...not only do I welcome them, I EXPECT them. Not many people realize how important it is to ask retailers questions regarding their have to know how informed they are about skin care...ingredients...cleanliness....techniques! It is imperative to have this knowledge, skin is the largest organ and first layer of your protection! YOU MUST KNOW WHAT YOU ARE PUTTING ON IT!! So please, email me & ask me questions...I believe PASSIONATELY in what I do, I am doing this to help others, I ENJOY what I do & I can talk about it ALL DAY!

It costs nothing for communication, there are alot of people who do not have knowledge of skin care, so I welcome any conversations about it. I have taken on this position, so it is my PLEASURE to answer any and all questions you may have....if I do not have the answers, I will let you know & I will direct you to a source that can help you.


My SHEA BUTTER is fresh & soft...not that hard stale butter you may be used to. The techniques I learned while there, shows in my products...hands on learning is the best. So, why not take advantage of these "secrets" and let your body/skin tell you whether they enjoy the products or not? My shea butter is traditionally made (cold processed BY HAND) and is PURE & FULL OF VITAMINS/MINERALS. TRULY HANDMADE SHEA BUTTER AS PURE AS YOU CAN GET!! It is imported from GHANA, and ALL purchases made that use imported African ingredients, help artisans in Africa.

Help eliminate UNFAIR EXPLOITATION of African resources. WE MUST PATRONIZE BUSINESSES THAT SELL FAIR TRADE ITEMS FROM AFRICA. Shea Butter is an abundant resource there, yet the people who help make and package it, are not being treated fairly when it comes to the monetary benefits of this "golden butter"! WE MUST DO OUR PART!! **PATRONIZE FAIR TRADE BUSINESSES**

What Does Fair Trade Mean?

Fair Trade empowers farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty by developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace. By guaranteeing minimum floor prices and social premiums, Fair Trade enables producers to invest in their farms and COMMUNITIES and protect the environment. But Fair Trade is much more than a fair price.

Fair Trade principles include:

Fair prices
Fair labor conditions
Direct trade
Democratic and transparent organizations
Community development
Environmental sustainability

U.S. companies offering Fair Trade Certified™ products and the international suppliers whom they source, guarantee that the farmers and workers behind Fair Trade Certified goods are paid fair, above-market prices and fair wages.

My clothing was purchased through ebay, I was going to try to sell them locally & it did not work out. I had extra items here & decided to sell them to try to at least break even. The clothing has NOT BEEN WORN....the items were bought and stored in the actual packaging I received them in. I have alot of URBAN clothing, I found that these were the items mostly sold on ebay. I do not know exactly how much these articles are worth, so I based the pricing on the MSRP and then charged half of that. I am nieve to these prices, so you can take advantage of this, plus help me get rid of these nice articles of clothing.

I will try my best to make your purchase a PLEASUREABLE experience.

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